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☆J.J. Express Diary RPG☆

☆J.J. Express RPG: Diaries☆
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About This Comm.
This community is a diary-style RPG mainly for J.J. Express. Nakajima Yuto and Morimoto Ryutarou will be included. If you want to add a member of another JUNIOR group, contact me at: himawari0016@hotmail.com.

I understand that there are already many communities like this, but this one is for people who couldn't get their favourite member before anyone else.

Also, please follow what the person before you posts, just so everything makes sense♥

Who is who?

Next to the member of the J.J. Express, there will be name of lj user who is posting diaries for that member.

Takaki Yuya -
Inoo Kei -
Arioka Daiki -
Kamei Taku -
Fukasawa Tatsuya -
Asaka Kodai - hajimetenoasa
Hashimoto Ryousuke - zuttodaisuki
Nakajima Yuto -
Morimoto Ryuutarou -


☺ Please consider what you write, mainly because the boys are under aged (at least for now, they are.)
☻ When posting your entries, put an cut on if there are pictures. This is so people with 56k or lower connection can survive here.
☺ Be polite to your fellow members!!
☻ Please post the diary entries for the boys only. You have to claim the boy and wait until I give you permission to post though.

☺☻ Other than that, I guess it's a free country.

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