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[橋本良亮] New School Year

Hasshi desu!

I know the new school year started a while back,
But I was to busy and lazy to mention it *(^_^)*

Well... Now I'm in Junior High School Year 2!
I have to try hard to keep work, play and studying in balance!!
So, I can be a step closer to being like Yamashita-senpai!!
Seeing the Cherry Blossoms in the school yard...
Ah... So beautiful... Makes me want to try my best (^_^)

I appeared on Hyakushiki again yesterday!!
Ships, again.
I was with Dai-chan and Takaki again.
I like going on Hyakushiki!! I want to go again!!

Well, that's all for today (^_^)
Bye bye!

[橋本良亮] Happy Birthday Dai-chan!

Hasshi desu.
How is everyone?? I'm very happy today!
I am happy today because it is Dai-chan's birthday!
I think I will buy Dai-chan some chocolate!
Since he eats it on the train all the time~
Takaki and Inocchi said we will take Dai-chan to Karaoke tonight after practice!
Yosh! I'm very excited for karaoke-ing!!
I want to sing Daite Senorita by Yamashita-senpai!

Well, the practice break is almost over!!
I have to go now~
From Hasshi <3

Member Claiming Time!!

Okay, now is time to claim your J.J. Express (or other, if you wish) boy!!

Available J.J. Express Boys☆
Takaki Yuya
Inoo Kei
Arioka Daiki
Kamei Taku
Fukasawa Tatsuya
Nakajima Yuto
Morimoto Ryuutarou

Claimed Boys☆
Hashimoto Ryosuke claimed by zuttodaisuki
Asaka Kodai claimed by hajimetenoasa

If you wanna claim anyone just leave a comment with your LJ username and the name of which boy you wanna claim <3
You have to be a member too.

Also, I do realize the layout doesn't have anything to do with the comm. But I can't make layouts T-T
So if someone wants to make one for the comm, just mail it me or something.